Welcome to Re-Construction.us!

This site is for those of us who believe it’s time for a new reconstruction of America in the 21st Century.  Over 150 years ago, President Lincoln’s efforts to reorganize society along more equal racial lines was dismantled after his assassination.  This allowed the South — and the rest of the country — to rebuild the same institutional and social systems that upheld slavery before the civil war and have reinforced the oppression of African Americans and people of color ever since.

The writings, interviews and videos that fill these pages are the work of the founder re-construction.us and others who are thinking deeply about the detrimental impact of racism and oppression on all members of our society and the structural and personal revolution we need to make real and lasting change now.  On these pages you will find articles and essays by founder Kimberly J. Miller about her experiences as a woman of mixed heritage in various communities across the U.S. and abroad.  Her reflections on racism, economic justice and personal transformation offer an intimate look at the personal impact of racism in our society today and analysis on how to make deep and lasting change.  We invite others to submit your writing along these themes, particularly those with an emphasis on social, institutional and personal re-construction that is necessary for real equity in our country.