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Coronavirus, Substance Use & Recovery with John Magnuson

We are all feeling the stress these days and for many of us it has taken a toll.  Whether it’s teaching kids from home, trying to work and stay safe or national politics, there are a lot of things on our plates.  Sometimes stress can lead people to find new support systems, such as the boom in use of Zoom for all kinds of social activities.  Another option that many have leaned on even more heavily is substance use.  Consumption of alcohol and other drugs has skyrocketed since the lock down and reports of increased domestic violence are now coming to light.  While not everyone will find themselves in trouble, it’s important to know what to do if you have concerns about your own use or that of a loved one.

Today’s guest is John Magnuson, Executive Director of MARRCH and an expert in the field of substance use disorders and addiction recovery.  In this interview, he shares his wealth of experience in helping people determine whether they have an issue that may need more attention.  There are so many new support opportunities these days and no need for anyone to feel shame or to face any stigma if they reach out for help.  In fact, the field of recovery has evolved significantly in recent years, resulting in a wide range of support options for individuals and their families – many of which started right here in the State of Minnesota.


Podcast with John Magnuson

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