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The Swing Left Interview on YouTube!!

Hello YouTube!

There is so much happening around the November elections right now.  With the stakes so high, we have decided to forgo our regular format.  Rather than upload a new audio podcast this week, we have a new video of the interview with Steve Pierson from SwingLeft.org.  This show was especially interesting.  It starts with a very practical discussion of the strategy thousands of volunteers are participating in to defeat Donald Trump and take back the U.S. Senate.  Then Steve turned the tables and asked host Kimberly Miller some questions.  The result was a very open dialogue between two progressives – one black, one white – about the state of our nation, how we got here, and why overcoming our country’s past is mission-critical for a more equitable future.

With two weeks to go until election day, it’s critical that everyone vote and that every vote be counted.  We hope you enjoy the dialogue in this video… and sign up to volunteer.  It’s never been easier to make a difference.

YouTube Podcast: Defeat Donald Trump with SwingLeft.org

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