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Get Ready To Watch: The YouTube Channel is Here!

If you are like me, you catch more news, updates and information via YouTube.  It’s amazing what I can find there – just about any topic under the sun.  And now you can find episodes of our Re-Construction.US podcast.  That’s right!  We are now adding previously launched episodes to the Re-Construction.US channel.

Founder Scott Forman  VOTEFWD.ORG

The first episode is now live in video and features VOTEFWD.ORG‘s get out the vote campaign with the founder Scott Forman.  It’s even more fun to watch the interview and see his warmth and enthusiasm for American Democracy.  Over the coming weeks, more episodes will be added so, as always, LIKE, RATE and SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel.  It’s a great help and goes such a long way in promoting the podcast so that more people who are interested in progressive topics can find us.

Thanks for your support!  ~ Kim



Here’s a link to the video: VOTEFWD.ORG with Scott Forman

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