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The Dark Side of Social Media Screening Technology with Alex Marcus


“Your social media activity may be preventing you from finding a job in ways you’ve never imagined.” 

So begins the article written by our guest Alex Marcus about how some job applicant screening technology is designed to negatively flag people of color and our supporters.  As the leader of recruiting for a large social service agency in New York, Mr. Marcus was asked to conduct a social media screening of applicants for a top-level position.  The reports he received were disturbing, to say the least.  In this interview he shares about what he discovered, how that might impact you as a job seeker and what we can all do to protect ourselves from software that could reject your application before any human being ever sees it.  Alex is strongly committed to anti-racism work at the office as well as in his personal life and shares some insights from his own journey.

You can find the article which prompted my interview with Alex Marcus in Medium.com.

Podcast: The Dark Side of Social Media Screening Tech

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