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Vegans and Black Lives Matter with Gwenna Hunter

As environmental issues have moved closer to center stage, the connection between what we eat and how it’s produced has been a larger topic of conversation.  Recent studies have challenged the notion that beef is necessarily bad for our bodies.  At the same time, the impact of the mass production of beef on the environment is seen as a real threat to the future of our planet. According to an article last year in the New York Times:

“Almost 30 percent of the world’s ice-free land is used to raise livestock. We grow a lot of crops to feed animals, and we cut down a lot of forests to do that. But beef, far more than pork or chicken, contributes to environmental harm, in part because it requires much more land. The greenhouse gas production per serving of chicken or pork is about 20 percent that of a serving of beef.”

Those who choose a vegan diet are equally, if not more concerned with how animals are treated throughout the process of meat production as well as dairy.  Gwenna Hunter is one of the many thousands of people who “woke up” to the issue of animal cruelty and decided to do something about it.  In today’s interview she shares her journey from personal change to activism and how she has gone about spreading the word through her position as an outreach coordinator with VeganOutreach.org and two new groups she started online: Vegans for Black Lives Matter and VegansofLA.


Podcast: Vegans and Black lives Matter with Gwenna Hunter



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